When Evan and Sarah pitched the idea of a Cocktail Club, I was amazed that this wasn’t already a thing. Come over, make food, make drinks.  When they suggested that we make the first drink, I was overwhelmed with ideas. “Should it be this crazy lavender froth chai burbon cocktail I saw in my Bartender book? What about an infused herbal and chocolate vodka soda mix?”  After a few nights on my own …er…testing these ideas, I decided that going with a classic drink would be the best.

I remembered a night of drinking with friends in which a hilarious conversation sprung about the name of the drink, Negroni.  Knowing that it was Italian, and had nothing to do with the color, I sat back and enjoyed the humiliation my friends felt later.

Fast forward a few weeks to the night of the first Drink Club, where my proposed drink is.. the Negroni.

Classic Negroni Recipe

1 ounce Campari
1 ounce sweet vermouth
1 ounce gin
Flamed orange peel for garnish

Combine all of the ingredients in a short glass filled with ice and stir.

Run the flamed orange peel around the edge of the glass, lightly squeezing to express the oils. Drop the peel into the glass and enjoy.

Mixologist: Erin
Chef: Evan and Sarah


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